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Products & Services

Business Data Centre

FTG data center for your business enterprises to provide the most complete one-stop e -Commerce solutions, complete customer needs. We gather together different types of customers groups, including the Information Technology industries, such as Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Content Provider ( ICP ), E-commerce service provider, Multimedia Corporate, Web design / hosting company, System Integrator and Supplier and other different types of the enterprises.

Internet Data Centre Service Features

  • Equipment coexistence
  • Business Network-grade environment, security tight
  • Design of sophisticated equipment, storage tanks
  • FTG operations center of the technical expertise to carry out 24x7 network monitoring
  • 24X7 Connect to Internet backbone
  • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports interface to FTG Internet backbone
  • Bundled IP addresses
  • DNS registration / transfer
  • Managed Performance Reports and Statistics
  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Direct connectivity to Asia and the United States Internet backbone
  • Wide range of connectivity, ranging from T1 to STM-1, IPLC and IDA

Service Overview

  • Business Network-grade facilities
  • Directly connect to the Internet and the Hong Kong Internet Exchange
  • Diversified value-added services for customers to choose
  • Network facilities Hosting plan to match the cost effective
  • Precise layout
  • FTG Data Center, by professional and technical personnel to provide 24 hours technical support, absolutely confident guarantee


Storage cabinets 

  • 600mm x 970mm (45U), an independent lock, ventilation system 
  • 10A Power Consumption 
  • 6-channel energy bar 2x13A 
  • Each line of energy bars with independent insurance 
  • Each energy bar with a circuit device 


  • N +1 parallel structure, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), with 1 hour back-up battery
  • 2N structure 1200ADC-48V rectifier system, with two hours back-up battery
  • 1500kVA generating equipment, fuel tanks sufficient to maintain the center two hours continuous unmanned operation 
  • Precision Ground Design 

Temperature and humidity control 

  • N +1 structure, precision cold water system installations 
  • CRAC component from the cold water system support, has 700Kw of frozen energy 
  • CRAC component is equipped with air-conditioning system 

Environmental Monitoring 

  • Leak detection system
  • BMS systems for real-time M & E Equipment condition monitoring 

Fire-fighting equipment 

  • FM200 fire extinguishing system 
  • Smoke detection system

Anti-vibration platform lift

  • 450mm lift platform vibration 
  • The false ceiling systems 
  • Vibration platform lift between the false ceiling and there are 2600mm headroom 


  • CCTV installation 
  • Tight security to prevent illegal entry into 
  • Security Guard 

Structured Cable Design 

  • Cat 6 Cable System