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Products & Services

Server Rental and Hosting

The Best suit you World-class hosting program

FTG extensive experience has been trying for different customers with the best and most suitable server management program, customers only need to through our reliable and high standard storage platform can be extended to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year non-stop operations, keep close contact with your business partners.

We are a comprehensive, flexible and reliable storage programs enhance the company's strengths, actively provide a wide range of server program, the standard as well as customize programs readily available to assist SMEs and large enterprise-wide use of the Internet functions, and thus strengthen the company's competitive force.

Dedicated server rental program

We offer our customers a dedicated server rental lease program, customers through our high-speed connection in Hong Kong and international dedicated broadband, 24-hour tight security surveillance system, constant temperature and humidity of the storage environment, high-speed network connection and the uninterruptible power supply system generator system with advanced facilities, to help your business save leased line, purchase and management of servers, security systems and room set up and other expenses.

Server hosting the program

Customers may also choose to purchase company-owned server, stored in a high security FTG data centers. By virtue of our expertise, rigorous monitoring, customers can save valuable money and human investment, focus time and resources on their own business development, will greatly increase productivity, reduce operating costs, thereby enhancing the company's competitive advantage.