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Products & Services

Web Hosting and Design

Web Page is potential to develop web-business opportunities

FTG web hosting and design services has a creative, reliable, customizable, easy to use, cost-effective features to help your new or re-line commerce, establish strategies, let the traditional business through the Internet to build up a unique and competitive market positions.
The potential Web Page

Our expert consultants have a plentiful experience in website establish, operate and manage of world-class website. They will based on your business aims to provide professional analysis and advice, and from different angles for you research the feasibility of each program and comprehensive to meet you needs. Services include:

Strategy consulting services

Our customize for your high-quality programs to ensure that customers gain the benefit from the interactive market.

Web Development

Our system rapidly response to the change of market. For you to create a program of web design with user-friendly plate. Comprehensive consolidate of your brand.

System Integrated

We use advanced technology and infrastructure network provide you with unlimited and cost-effective programs, including:
  • Connection services
  • Database Management
  • Desktop and server management
  • Extension Tools
  • Document Processing
  • E-commerce
  • Business Management Program
  • Technical Support
  • Imaging and Process Management
  • Information Technology knowledge consultant services
  • Internet
  • Learning Management
  • E-mail and message handling
  • Multimedia Application
  • Network Fax Management
  • Networking construction
  • Operations Management
  • Publication
  • Security
  • Server connected computer network
  • Reliable quality of service
  • Statistical tools
  • Storage management services
  • Systems and application management services
With our professional knowledge and operational experience, we can quickly understand the needs of customers to provide high-effective long-term programs. When your Web page or network system was completed, there can be hosted on the FTG web hosting or a high-speed international broadband, so that your site open up to a higher level.